Word family activities

Engage your child in fun and educational word family activities to improve their reading and spelling skills. Discover top ideas to make learning enjoyable and effective for your little one.
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Word Family Activities- reading CVC words in kindergarten

The AT word family is one of the first sets of words young children learn to read, usually in kindergarten. These words are practiced as part of a word family. What is a word family? A word family is a set of words with the same ending. The words in a word family always rhyme.

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at Word Family Freebies

Hi friends! How is your week going? Mine has featured 23 students tearing paper (and I mean LOTS of paper) to create penguin artworks. Sounds tame. It was not. That is all I want to say about it at this stage. When my heart rate comes down, I will post a few pictures over on my art/class blog. Seriously though, it was fun. I wanted to stop by quickly to share this little freebie with you. Your students can brainstorm and record some 'at' words on the cat! Find it over in the craft library of…

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