Wyeth paintings

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing artistry of Wyeth paintings. Discover the iconic works of this renowned artist and experience the beauty and emotion they evoke.
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Most of the time I focus on colorful landscapes and seascapes, but this post is a change of theme. I will be taking a closer look at some of the most dramatic paintings I have come across. These paintings demonstrate just how powerful art can be and how much emotion we are able to depict

Linda Finley
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"In the portrait of that house, the windows are eyes or pieces of the soul almost. To me, each window is a different part of Christina's life...there's an upstairs window that has a pink feeling. That's her bedroom. I wanted each one of these windows to tell part of the whole story-they were not just stuck in there by chance. Each has its specific role in helping to explain the overall personality of the portrait of the house and its occupants." ...there is a piece of glass that's dropped…

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This project really "tickled my feather"! 2nd graders did an artist study on Andrew Wyeth. We looked at many of his pieces then did our focus on his piece above Airborne. They made their version of the drawing in sharpie. They were to include the horizon line, a house (or church, or building or school), and draw feathers floating in the background. They painted with water color then we glued feathers in the foreground. They so love them too! We used the book Feathers by Heather Forest to…

Shannon Kerscher