X ray art

Explore the fascinating world of X-ray art and discover unique and captivating ideas to bring this innovative art form into your home. Create a stunning visual experience with X-ray art that will leave a lasting impression.
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X-Ray Photographs From the 1930s Expose the Delicate Details of Roses and Lilies — Colossal

When selecting flowers we are often first attracted to their vibrant colors, eager to choose a bright orange lily or deep red rose. Dr. Dain L. Tasker, an early 20th century radiologist, was attracted to a different feature of the blooms—their anatomy. Using X-ray film to highlight the soft layering of petals and leaves, Tasker produced ghostly images devoid of color, each image appearing more like an ink drawing than photograph. Born in 1872 in Beloit, Wisconsin, Tasker was the chief…

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See through the world: X-ray photography reveals beauty in unexpected places

A new book of photography has revealed a curious world of intricate beauty and startling forms hidden beneath the surface of everyday objects. Nick Veasey used a lead-lined studio to create x-ray photographs of a remarkable array of objects, from fruits and flowers to humans, vehicles and buildings

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