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Transform your bedroom into a vibrant and inspiring space with these creative youth decor ideas. Discover how to add personality and style to your room with these top ideas.
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Jesus is my, Religious Wall Sign, Christian Wall Words, Church Sanctuary Wall Art Looking for the perfect way to decorate your church for Christmas? Look no further than our selection of Christian decorations! Our church banners and Christmas signs are perfect additions to any church display, while our Christmas display and church resources can help you get started on your own holiday tradition. Whether you’re looking for beautiful religious decor or a pastor gift, our selection of Christian…

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U-turn – Highland Ranch, Colorado These guys have some serious DIY style. For inquiries, contact the youth pastor / designer Judah Trabusli. JC Naz – Junction City, KS These ladies have a great eye and some amazing ideas. Check out their blog. Transit Youth – Calgary, Canada They use their theme color orange really well …

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(Photo courtesy of Memories on Clover Lane) Is everyone familiar with chalkboard paint these days? I have seen it on many blogs. What a fun idea! The photo above is a framed magnetic chalkboard wall, that one of my favorite bloggers made in her kitchen. Here's a link with details about how she did it. You can write on it AND it's magnetic. So cool. I just had my first experience with chalkboard walls. My friend Stephanie asked if I would help write on the walls of their new youth rooms at…

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Church Lobby Décor Ideas I was raised in a pastor's home. My father has served as a pastor at a few different churches. He was a part of the construction of a church twice. The lobby is crucial when it comes to decorating the church. When a visitor walks in, it is the first thing they see. During the week, it is also where the pastor will meet with folks. A welcome centre, a sitting space, a coat rack, and a table with sign-up sheets are frequently seen in the lobby. Each of these regions…

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