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Using a fork to paint the pine needle texture on this easy Christmas tree craft is such a simple technique that yields beautiful results. Easy Christmas tree craft for preschoolers. #iheartcraftythings
Grab our free template and wish someone a warm and cozy Christmas by making this DIY Cactus Christmas card. Cute homemade Christmas card idea. #christmascraftsforkids #christmascards #christmascardideas #cardmaking #cardmakingideas #christmascraft #iheartcraftythings #cactus
Use our free template to make these adorable gnome craft finger puppets. Fun Christmas gnome craft, garden gnome craft and winter kids craft. #gnomes #christmascraftsforkids #christmascrafts #christmascraftsdiy #fingerpuppetsideas #fingerpuppets #iheartcraftythings #papercrafts #papercrafting #papercraftsforkids #wintercraftsforkids

Christmas Crafts

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two hands holding up bunny finger puppets on a pink background with pom - poms
Incredibly Cute Bunny Finger Puppets
If you are looking for a last minute Easter craft idea for this week, we are sharing the perfect bunny craft today! These incredibly cute bunny finger puppets are adorable, simple to make and they are so fun for kids to play with. Our free craft template makes them super easy for kids to create. #iheartcraftythings
a paper leprechaun craft for st patrick's day with pom poms
Leprechaun Paper Craft
This cute leprechaun paper craft is such a fun and easy St. Patrick's Day craft for kids. Grab the template and make some leprechauns today! #iheartcraftythings
a person holding up a paper cut out of a shamrock
Little Shamrock Pal Finger Puppets
Preschoolers will love to make and play with these cute Shamrock finger puppets! Free template to make this fun St. Patrick's Day craft. #iheartcraftythings
two paper flowers on top of a card with pom poms
Cupcake Liner Daffodil Craft
This cupcake liner daffodil craft is easy for preschoolers and kids to make for a simple spring flower craft. Fun daffodils craft for kids. #iheartcraftythings
rainbow windsocks made out of toilet paper
Rainbow Windsocks Craft
All you need is a few simple craft supplies for kids to have fun making these fun and easy rainbow windsocks. These rainbow windsocks are a great spring craft for kids to make after learning all about rainbows. #iheartcraftythings
a paper cup with a mushroom house on top and flowers around the base for decoration
Fairy House Valentine Box
Turn a cardboard oatmeal container into a colorful and whimsical fairy house Valentine Box for Valentine's Day. This beautiful DIY Valentine's box is fun and easy for kids to make. #iheartcraftythings
two bear valentine crafts with hearts on them
Bear Valentine Craft
This adorable bear Valentine craft is an easy Valentine's Day craft for kids to make. Kids can make a polar bear, brown bear or black bear Valentine, or one of all three. #iheartcraftythings
someone is making a dinosaur valentine's day box out of construction paper
Dinosaur Valentine’s Box
Dino fans will love making this fun DIY Dinosaur Valentine's Box to hold their Valentine cards. Easy dinosaur Valentine's Day box for kids. #iheartcrafthings #sponsored
two taco themed valentine's day cards sitting on top of a pink table
Taco Valentine’s Day Cards
Let's TACO 'bout how fun and easy these Taco Valentine's Day cards are for kids and adults to make with our free printable template! #iheartcraftythings
valentine gnome craft for kids to make
Valentine Gnome Craft
Kids will love making an adorable Valentine gnome craft for Valentine's Day. These gnomes are fun and easy for preschoolers to make.
paper bag owl craft for kids with snowflakes on the ground and text overlay that reads paper bag snowy owls
Paper Bag Snowy Owl Craft
This paper bag snowy owl craft is a perfect compliment to learning about snowy owls. Fun winter animal craft for preschoolers. #iheartcraftythings
someone holding up a polar bear finger puppet with snowflakes in the background and text overlay that reads, polar bear finger puppets
Polar Bear Finger Puppets
These cute polar bear puppets are a fun make and play winter kids craft for preschoolers. Our free polar bear puppet template makes it easy to make for kids of all ages. Combine these cute polar bear finger puppets with a children's book about polar bears for your winter animal unit at preschool. #iheartcraftythings
a paper christmas tree with santa and snowman on it
Christmas Tree Fork Painted Craft
Using a fork to paint the pine needle texture on this easy Christmas tree craft is such a simple technique that yields beautiful results. Easy Christmas tree craft for preschoolers. #iheartcraftythings
paper plate rudolph craft for kids to make
Paper Plate Reindeer Craft
All you need is paper plates, brown paint and a few simple craft supplies to make this easy paper plate reindeer craft for a Christmas craft. Fun and simple paper plate Christmas craft to go with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. #iheartcraftythings
christmas cards with hanging baubles on them
Hanging Ornaments Christmas Card with Crayola Paper Maker
sponsored -Get ready for an afternoon of fun with your kids turning colorful DIY paper into a gorgeous hanging ornaments Christmas card. After using Crayola® Paper Maker™ to create colorful homemade paper, use it to make these colorful DIY Christmas Cards. #iheartcraftythings