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Paul Klee - Red/Green Architecture (yellow/violet gradation) - 1922
Paul Klee 'Columbarium of the Ochsenfrosch Family' (Urnenstatte der Familie Ochsenfrosch) 1922 Oil paint on paper 19 x 15 3/16" 'A columbarian is a sepulchral vault-here the silhouettes of the funerary urns evoke the central mystery of death.'
Paul Klee 'Untitled' on reverse of 'Blossoming'
Paul Klee 'Schling Gewachse' (Climbing Plants) 1932 Watercolor 25.6 x 19.7"
Current 2014 Paintings by Alesandro Ljubicic
Paul Klee - Domestic Requiem
Elke Trittel acrylic,collage on paper 25x30cm
Rare Lesghi Prayer Rug, Caucasus, c. 1900. Grogan “Fine Oriental Rugs and Carpets” 20 January 2013
Paul Klee 'Fruchtbares geregelt' (Fertility Tended To) 1933 Watercolor on paper on cardboard 7.8 x 10.2" There is another painting on the back of this which is posted adjacent...