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my go to back exercise

mylife-mylove-mybody: yogh-urt: getfittogethot: Is it just me or are these creepy af Wow this is so interesting (via TumbleOn)

Zoro-knowing your screwed lesson 3. If you're opponent emits an's game over.

i hope you guys like it >> BTW i edited on photoshop so IDK who is the artist of the real image im the man who puts blue lines and this stuff Roronoa Zoro Blue mode

Ace from One Piece...

By far the saddest arc in One Piece. It completely broke me the first time I saw it. Up until this point, no one had ever died in One Piece, not even bad guys. To lose Ace, and see Luffy so broken.

"Do you like One Piece?” Yes! I haven’t watched it in a long time, but I’ve always admired the characters. For example, Luffy is troubled, but goofy (unintended rhyme ftw). xD I should probably catch up on the episodes… ONE PIECE, by Youngjoon Song.

"Do you like One Piece?” "Until the day that Kuma sent them flying, Ace died and Luffy broke and Brook is still alone? Yes, I like One Piece.