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I love the last one <--- UH, NO. THE LAST ONE SHOULD HAVE CAROLINE POINTING TO KLAUS FROM ALL THREE ARROWS. Klaroline for life <333333333333333

I don't hate Malia, but I hate Stalia. I mean, I feel like the writers just threw her in there because they were lost. She is a good, strong, and confident woman, which is great.

Teen Wolf on

Teen Wolf- Derek Hale

Stiles's weapon of choice is the bat ... No one can convince me otherwise <3

Which 'Teen Wolf' Creature Is Your Personality?

Monsters don't sleep under your bed. They sleep inside your head.

Klaroline. Season 4. The Vampire Diaries. ♥

Matt, Rebekah, Elijah, Damon, Stefan, Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy

Klaus just such a cute little psycho-killer, isn't he? Just worms his way right…