Подхваты для штор своими руками, в технике канзаши.   Мастера hand-made

Для дома


Love the rope idea with a. Love the rope idea with a sea theme! Love the rope idea!

Crocheted jars made by me                                                                                                                                                      More

These crocheted jars will look so pretty in navy, khaki and white. Looks like a green olive jar ; I will have to adjust the quart jar pattern.

Olá meninas, tudo bem? Segue nas fotos abaixo 16 squares e inspirações para você que ama crochet!   Olha quanta coisa lida!! Me diz qual m...

16 squares de crochet e ideias que você precisa ter

y around the strip starting and ending in one corner. Then to create the loops to go around the curtain rod, I chained ten up from that corner, skipped 4 stitches and single crocheted one, chained ten, skipped sc on.

#Ukrainian #style Льняное платье Vita Kin (фото)

#Ukrainian #style Льняное платье Vita Kin (фото)