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КАНЗАШИ (цветы из ткани,лент, бумаги и т.д)

Crochet vest pattern~k8~:


Basic granny square vest (Russian link does not go directly to this particular vest)

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This month I let my sister Beka pick the 3 projects from our Un-Tutorial board that YOU get to vote on. Just kidding.


diy miniature basket - made with ball (tennis, golf?) covered in paper napkin with twine glued around bottom. Found original post after a couple of clicks.

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#프랑스자수 #야생화자수 #브롯치만들기 #꽃자수소품#handembroidery 일주일간 공들인 꽃자수브롯치 드뎌 완성~~^^그치만 곧이별이라네. 지인이 부탁한거라 분양예정ㅠㅠ 섭섭이 들이다.ㅎ

# French embroidery # Wildflower embroidery # Making a brochure # Flower embroidery props A week-ending flower embroidery brassiere finish is finished ~~ ^^ But it is a farewell soon.

#kolye#necklace #iğne#iğneoyasıörnekleriigne oyasi ******

#kolye#necklace #iğne#iğneoyasıörnekleriigne oyasi ******

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