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two white bowls sitting on top of a wooden table with spoons in front of them
a person holding a tray with cups on it
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Ceramic Espresso Cup In Black And White, Coffee Mug, Ceramic espresso cup ,espresso cups, unique gift, pottery coffee mug, housewarming gift by 1220CeramicsStudio on Etsy
five cups stacked on top of each other in front of a wooden shelf with pink handles
Ceramuc cups, Henkel aus andersfarbigem Ton?
three plates with blue and white designs on them are shown in different stages of formation
Turning white and blue
Dik Sccheepers, NL. Turning White and Blue. 2008 porcelain. In my search for a new way to produce ceramics I made these objects by editing color into the casting slip and at specific times I intervened the process of forming a cast so different layers could be created.
a pink vase sitting on top of a white table
CUBICLE REFUGEE - coilpotter: Pippin Drysdale
Pippin Drysdale
four different views of a white coffee cup with brown lines on the bottom and sides
I love this simple line thing. Could easily do with the cobalt and a very thin brush, though the bottom is going to look clunky no matter what.
a coffee cup with a landscape painted on the side and trees in the middle, sitting against a white background
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bddw ceramic mug.
a black coffee cup with a wooden handle
Mugr Style: a tea mug we'd love to put on our own shelf.
four ceramic birds sitting on top of each other in front of a white background,
Bird plates, ceramic -would make nice badges
a white and gold ring sitting on top of a table
Marvelously Minimalist ZYP-ZYP Tape Dispenser - Design Milk
The Marvelously Minimalist ZYP-ZYP Tape Dispenser
a man carrying two trays with drinks on them, while standing next to a coffee table
Maisonnette Multifunctional Furniture by Simone Simonelli Caroline Williamson, Home Furnishings The Maison­nette (mean­ing “small house” in French) series is prac­ti­cal, quirky, and just down­right fun. The col­lec­tion of mobile stor­age pieces was designed by Ital­ian design­e …
several different vases with polka dots on them
curated contemporary art /// éric hibelot & jean-marc fondimare
éric hibelot & jean-marc fondimare