Check out Alyssa11912's artwork on Artsonia, the largest student art museum on the web.  Don't forget to join the fan club and leave a comment on the website.

This might be a good class auction project. Posted or listed as: From exhibit "Art Auction Gan by (Art ID from Thayer Elementary School— Kindergarten United States

Personalized Snowchildren as easy as a printing a photo, cutting out the face, having children color hats and carrots you have drawn, and gluing on buttons and hands. Add a sign that says "Let it Snow" and you ahve a fun poster to put up with coat rack or on front door. Link doesn't give any printables, just a photo to inspire.

Snow people - this would be great for a writing prompt! My day as a snow person. if in school, or just a fun craft for younger kids

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Bottle Cap SNAKE ☀CQ Been trying to thk of new things to do with all those caps I've collected.

What to Do with Just Some Lines of Tape - 2 very simple tape activities can do quickly. Pinned by The Sensory Spectrum

2 Simple Tape Activities: What to Do with Just Some Lines of Tape

What to Do with Just Some Lines of Tape - 2 very simple tape activities can do quickly - pinned by /pediastaff/ – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Add an electric tea light for the snowmans head and attach a ribbon to hang on the tree. Felt hat, mittens, and feet.

An idea for the girls picture ornament frames for 2016 Winter Fun! Make this cut snowman from craft sticks and felt. Use as a picture frame, a gift card frame, or insert a greeting and make it a unique holiday card.


Imparare i colori con un gigantesco pupazzo di neve - Snowman Ball Sort: The perfect way to keep toddlers busy in the winter while encouraging color recognition!

Snowman Shapes - Color, Count, Graph - for the winter months

Color and count the shapes, then complete the graph. This fun snowman math activity is perfect for winter.

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Cute snowman craft for kids to use with the book Snowmen at Night - would make a cute bulletin board!

We are celebrating Winter in the Kindie Class! The weather has been unusually warm this week so it made our snow theme even more fun!

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