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[Why, OF COURSE she's heard of Catechism.she lives her faith according to the BALTIMORE Catechism she has cherished from her youth, and she's even actually been IN Baltimore!

Catholic Memes: this is so true. Sorry Nancy. It doesn't work that way.

a church tank.Is it a commentary about wars being fought over religion? It's cool no matter how you look at it though!

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That is Scott Hahn, PhD Biblical Theology, a Presbyterian minister who translated Romans from the original Greek, & realized that Martin Luther ADDED the word ALONE. Read "ROME SWEET HOME," his shocking journey that lead him to reexamine everything. Catholic Memes, Catholic Religion, Church Memes, Catholic Answers, Catholic Saints, Funny P, Funny Memes, Religious Humor, True Faith

Why The Mass is Like a Dictionary

I am not comfortable writing about Catholicism. It exposes my faith in something that cannot be fully, completely proved. Whenever I voice things about which I’m passionate, someone’s r…

 Pope Francis way of saying. "Your not the boss of me. I answer to the Lord.

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Hope, Faith, and Charity - A Catholic Meme

This is kind of nice and I think sums up many people's perceptions of the last three popes. I'm not one who seeks or sees any di...

“The most extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children. Traditional families, a mother and a father, are the bedrock of a healthy society. Trying to build a society on anything othe

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