buscandocomienzos: granny squares used in vety different ways to create a blanket. Black is unifying colour. Good one to get a project together.

Cuatro esquinitas tiene mi manta

༺✿ •✿• ✿༻ Surpreendente! -  /   ༺✿ •✿• ✿༻ Amazing! -

༺✿ •✿• ✿༻ Surpreendente! - / ༺✿ •✿• ✿༻ Amazing! -

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quilt squares mixed with crochet

I don't like the little rose bobby thingies, but this is really lovely. Quilt squares crocheted together.

Скатерть с кружевным оплетом. lace.

Скатерть с кружевным оплетом. lace.