nur ahu avcı

nur ahu avcı

Potterhead, swiftie, gangster
nur ahu avcı
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Ron and his chicken

Ron's relationship with his pet rat who turns out to be Peter Pettigrew is a better love story than.that unspeakable word.<----- everything is better than twilight

Blank Space, Taylor Swift

I saw you there and I thought oh my god look at that face you like my next mistake loves a game wanna play?

If this isn't the truest pin I've ever pinned then I don't know what is... Especially yaoi fanfiction...

My mom asked me what I was reading today (a fanfic) and I made up a plot to a book on the top of my head<<<I do that all the time but when I want to write something I have a brainfart and forget all those awesome things I use as excuses