Moon Tiles

Moon Tiles in Star Patterns // floor of the Piccolomini Library in Siena's duomo for an italian scroll border. Floor tile, scribal pages, cake decoration, whatever!

Iznik tiles from the Harem in Topkapi Palace, Istanbul.

If you've never been to Istanbul, Iznik tiles are amazing ceramic designs from the ottoman empire, and there are so many amazing patterns. My visit to Istanbul still influences my style so much. Iznik tile decoration - The Harem, Topkapi Palace

köfteli pilav tarifi

Turkish sofra (cuisine): Ali Paşa pilav/rice (Turkish rice with meatballs) T.

traditional Turkish tile art

Strange, I don't care much for symmetry but I love repeated images that go around in a circle Century Iznik tile)


The Life of Rumi in Rare Islamic Manuscript Paintings from the 1590s

Ottoman tents

A small-sized Ottoman tent. One of the tents that housed the sultan and the higher echelons when in the field. They were made of silk and satin material, and embellished inside and out with leather, brocades and embroidered materials.