Elif Özkan

Elif Özkan

istanbul / ''Sadece kendin ol çünkü hayat başka biri olmak için çok kısa''
Elif Özkan
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printed maxi-length shirt dress + three-quarter sleeves

Printed maxi-length shirt dress with a sweeping silhouette and shell buttons. Effortless, relaxed fit with three-quarter sleeves, featuring roll-tab detailing. Mini underskirt lining.

This spicy baked orange salmon recipe takes about 45 minutes from start to finish, including time for a quick marinade! It's a healthy weeknight dinner that uses sriracha, orange zest, honey, and more.

Epicness. I love chalkboards!! Aelanacurran.com

Richard Gary Here Richard has used food as well as chalk to make something into something else. The blueberries into the toppings of a pizza. He has crushed some of the fruit and added a fork to make it seem as if it is being eaten.

I like the color contrast in this photo. The use of a dark background brings out the colors in the darker spices that would usually just blend in with a brown background. The spoons bring a sense of organization.

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