Macrame, an old tying technique from the middle east. Learn how to tie jewelery, bookmarks, bracelets, baskets or watever your imagination can bring forth.

DIY Lacey Beret Hat with Crochet Fork

DIY Lacey Beret Hat with Crochet Fork belle idee novità


Awesome Advice For Finding The Perfect Jewelry

An awesome project for DIY macramé jewelry out of white threads.

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Hammock like rope knots

My sweet Armenian grandma used to do this beautifully!  I am grateful to still have some of her work...

My sweet Armenian grandma used to do this beautifully!

Сетки из узлов - more,icamama

The one blue would be Something new to try - the blue one looks like a basic alternating mesh - but the junctions are with a cord of double half hitches.seems unusual- I wonder what sort situation it's normally used for. Сетки из узлов - more,icamama

OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES: the diy: crazy complicated friendship bracelet

Hey Wanderer: the diy: Crazy Complicated Friendship Bracelet. Detailed instructions with photographs; in the example, the bracelet is made with yarn instead of embroidery floss.

İğne oyası havlu alıntı

İğne oyası havlu alıntı



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