Sümeyye Inkaya

Sümeyye Inkaya

Sümeyye Inkaya
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Kyungsoo: always being serious and methodical about fan service Kai: always "k, I did it."// Kai looks hot here though

EXO. Lay Is that Kris on the side? ...... Oh hey Lay! How's it goin'.

I was watching Exo xoxo Lay can play the piano! So beautifully!

Page 5 Read Capítulo 16 from the story 30 Razones para Odiar a Park ChanYeol


“Chanyeol at the Law Of The Jungle Press Conference ”

BTS Suga

As predicted, Suga is up next for BTS' "Sick" teaser images!As with Rap Monster, Suga seems to be going for a military look in thei…