Mochila bag pattern - Old Texas - CraftsbyManon

Mochila bag pattern - Old Texas - CraftsbyManon- more charts under yarn craft motifs & also graph charts

Wayuu Mochila pattern

I like the bright color combinations. Modern quilt, Tapestry crochet or knitting inspiration.

FolkCostume: Knitted Mittens of Nica, Kurzeme province, Latvia

Hello All, Today I am going to concentrate on a piece of clothing that might be surprising, mittens. Knitting has become a strong piece o.

Como hacer tira, gasa, fajon wayuu - YouTube

The Waves braid is one of 28 projects in my book "How to Make Ply-Split Braids & Bands".

Wayuu  Mochila bag - Firework

The pattern is called Firework. Soil: - 22 rpm - 8 inc per round. Last row 16 inc. 4 x repeat to connect at bottom.

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