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Things going on around our facilities, events, upgrades, specials and looks inside the site.
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an eagle flying over the american flag with fireworks in the background that says happy 4th of july from interstate u s
Happy Fourth of July, stay safe and have fun!
a koala bear sitting on top of a tree with leaves in its mouth and caption that reads, tu cara guardov vez un asador macho alfa
Interstate U-Stor (@InterstateUStor) / Twitter
We have all the Koalifications to be the best storage facility around.
there are many different types of boats and motorhomes on this page to describe
Call us or show up for a tour!
shark week poster with two sharks in the background
It's Shark Week everyone! Facebook Message us a picture of you with a shark or a picture you took of a shark for a chance to be featured.
three men are working on the side of a building with a bulldozer in the background
Century asphalt is being done, the gate Loops are being laid. It's just a matter of time before we'll have an operational front gate.
a garage sale sign with balloons attached to it and an image of two women in the background
On June 18, Interstate U-Stor is having a garage sale at 905 Ambassador Drive, Reno NV. You can come buy and sell stuff from other tenants and non-tenants. Be there from 8am to 2pm!!
a bird bathes in a small fountain
What does a bird bath have to do with Self Storage? Check out a funny story on our Facebook.
a man is talking to another man at the reception desk, with luggage in front of him
Interstate U-Stor (@InterstateUStor) / Twitter
We promise not to send you any spam here at Interstate U-Stor.
a long row of storage units with mountains in the background
Asphalt is in at Sommersett! Almost ready to go!
a black and white dog laying on the back seat of a car next to a man
If this is you when you see your garage or attic then it might be time to look into self storage.
two naked men jumping off a dock into the water with their arms in the air
We can deliver on quality storage that won’t cost you the shirt off your back……(or any other article of clothing for that matter).
a dog is digging in the sand with its head on it's hind legs
Interstate U-Stor (@InterstateUStor) / Twitter
To find out the reasons why Interstate U-Stor is the best in customer service year after year, call us…….No recordings, no answer machines, just live people answering the phone.
a cat sitting on top of an oven with its paws in the oven door open
It might be cold outside but inside our storage units, your stuff will be kept nice and warm.
a woman standing in front of a garage with lots of things on the table and around her
We are having a garage sale at Interstate U-Stor on April 17th from 9am to 3pm
a street with snow on the ground and trees in front of it, during winter
Despite the recent snow, we are keeping our driveways clear for you.
a bear sitting in the middle of a swimming pool with caption that reads, you build houses in my woods i swim in your tiny lake p s where are the fish?
At Interstate U-Stor, your unit will be kept pest free, so you can know your stuff is safe from unwanted interactions with wildlife.
two donkeys are laying on the grass near an inflatable pool
At Interstate U-Stor, you can be sure the wildlife isn't using your stuff while you are away!
a bowl filled with green jello sitting on top of a table next to two glasses
Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Check out the Recipe on Facebook!
a large building under construction with mountains in the background
Our new site at Sommersett Ridge Parkway. Did you know that there is natural rock incorporated into the concrete foundation?
two men working on a construction site with a red fire hydrant in the foreground
Interstate U-Stor (@InterstateUStor) / Twitter
Progress at our new site Sommersett Ridge Parkway!
the storage units are empty and ready to be filled with sand or other materials for construction
Sommersett is looking good!
several boxes stacked on top of each other in a room with a red hand truck
Here at Interstate U-Stor, we have all of your storage needs covered, storage units and packing!
two glasses filled with drinks sitting on top of a green place mat next to each other
The Leap Year Cocktail is a citrusy gin martini created just for February 29th.
Leap Year Cocktail, History, Traditions and Superstitions! Because you deserve to have a little fun this leap year!
two small dogs in a shopping cart on the street with caption now, where in the world did we park?
All the units look the same and if you forget which your unit is yours, you might be grateful that Interstate U-Stor Self Storage has some of the longest office hours of any storage facility in Reno. Just pop into the office for some hot coffee and to ask for assistance locating your storage unit.
a cat sitting on top of a radiator with captioning in french
Keep your stuff, but not your cat, warm this winter at Interstate U-Stor
a flat screen tv sitting on top of a table
Here at Interstate U-Stor our security cameras monitor your units 24/7
an aquarium with rocks and plants in it
A huge welcome to the new additions to our office family, Chiclids Goldie, Crockie, Rosie and Fermin.