chair socks... wish i had thought of this idea when my roommates' chairs were cutting holes in the linoleum... at least i can give them the idea before they move them to the new place.

A crochet hodge podge

A chair leg sock, ready for action. Good idea to reduce noise and scratches, especially on a wood floor. OR on those screechy walker legs on the hospital floor!

The Princess Yoke Book (1916)

Beginner Crochet Instructions of yesteryear. The Princess Yoke Book contains engravings and instructions on making these beautiful yokes. Read it on the DIY Collaboratorium's Crochet Library page.

" And, in 2008 version it has so made.  Again husband this winter seems to have and love this cardigan, everywhere in the knitted fabric had become thinner.  It is not possible to keep them alone in this state, it is prickly patch cloth this year.  Then..., It has gotten so big!  Says her husband, it seems "... somewhat heavy ...".  And, new at the 2008 version is the button hole."

A knitted cardigan slowly transforming into a patchwork cardigan as it ages. What an amazing way to save a comfy cardy!

Coffee And Tea cozies. These look Knit, but I'm sure I could crochet them pretty easily. Maybe some Christmas gifts for next year since our bank account probably won't have much left over after the wedding, lol


I hate setting up a loom but I've seen so many great loom patterns lately. There's a reason it's been years since I've done any loom work. I could do them in square stitch but.

Super cute!

SO smart! - cut an old sweater sleeve and use as sock look-a-like without the bunchy-ness in your boot. need to remember this for fall! old sweater sleeve