Crochet 3D Peacock Feather Stitch Scarf

Crochet 3D Peacock Feather Stitch Scarf

Paso a paso

cast on 36 sts mm needle stocking stitch for 36 rows cast off 18 sts 3 rows purl 3 rows st st you will have to count the ridges 9 ridges

Crochet 3D Scarf In Lemon Lime Stitch

Good evening craft lovers, today we are going to create rather more interesting and pleasant! Today we are going to teach how To crochet scarf in lemon lime stitch. I love the sensible scarf and

Dudak Üstü Tüylere (Bıyık) Sonsuza Dek Veda Edin

Házi módszer a nem kívánt szőrzet ellen… szabadulj meg tőle fájdalommentesen!


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