Irem Sencer Kayhan

Irem Sencer Kayhan

Irem Sencer Kayhan
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Rainbow dress

It is fashionable for girls to wear a gorgeous and colorful dress. From rainbow wedding dress, rainbow crochet Skirt, rainbow patchwork Skirt to recycling plastic dress, below is some Gorgeous Rainbow Colored Dress Designs around.

4 Helpful Parenting Tricks for New Moms and Dads. Not sure if it actually works but worth trying

"Research shows children who receive massage are more alert, gain weight faster, sleep more soundly, and suffer less anxiety." (Source: Massage & Reflexology for Babies and Children -

baby bottle sling

Bebe Bottle Sling baby bottle holder hands free car seat NEW in Baby, Feeding, Other Baby Feeding

Smartest Idea EVER! Never have to pull over to find a thrown bottle again!

Bebe Bottle sling that hangs from the baby's car seat! It is a must have items for mumz who are busy with household tasks! This Bebe Bottle sling frees up at least one hand!