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#paidSE3filter❕ natural filter, like a 'no filter' filter. yall know THIS IS PERFECT FOR EVERY PHOTO AND EVERY COLOUR! but as it's summer, i decided to edit photos that have blue, and it looks amazing! srsly! IT'S ALSO GOOD WITH EVERY TYPE OF SKIN, PALER, TANNER, DARKER, LIGHTER, WHATEVER!!! for a free alternative i'll use A6 +2/+1 and maybe -2 temperature. you won't need to make any adjustments to this filter. I LOVE IT! TAG A FRIEND qotd: last song you listened to? aotd: guns for hand...
90+ Best VSCO Filter Setting You Can Try
#dopefilterssvscocam — free filter in aesthetic series. i love this filter as much as i love cara delevingne works good with a lot of pictures but to make it work for a feed try posting similar colors cause idk if it will make it all match — #qotp: what song is stuck in your head rn?
•one of @itsmikeymurphy's filters. The pictures at the top are his and the ones at the bottom are the ones I edited• - •works well for a theme• - •#vsco #vscocam #vscofilter #vscohb2
free filter❕(¿) This is such a nice filter that goes great with white aesthetic photos (kinda like the photos @thatsojack posts but they'd be edited differently) it's so nice for a feed and isn't hard to match at all — Use the link in my bio to get all the vscocam filters for freeall info on @f.iltrsherebu / it's scam free! And it really works
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Type: Free Best for Green photos! Nature lovers this is great filter for you and your adventures!