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This is probably THE best description of the two types of anger!

Wow this is so me and perfectly described. I'm so glad someone was able to put into words what I couldnt. I honestly hate wet anger, I get that a lot


Everyone in the Supernatural cast is gay for eachother because everyone in the Supernatural cast is so hot!

No, season 11 required a spell from the book of the damned and only a powerful witch could cast it, even then Lucifer was only summoned, his cage wasn't opened and he was trapped in a certain area

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I understood that reference.<<I understood THAT reference<<Dam people, what the schist are you talking about?<< Idk, it's not my division.

MuggleWorld - Where the Magic REALLY Happens --> Lots of good points here. It's true that wizards are kinda blind to the fact that asking for help would solve a lot of their problems