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I've only been watching for a few months, but these guys are my inspiration. they've taught me all sorts of things. it makes me happy to know that they accomplish so much. I love them. I hope I can meet them soon

Don't forget about Jim. Raising a daughter (who has autism) as a single dad after the love of his life died of cancer when their daughter was just a baby. That's some perseverance. The only thing the fandom loves more than spn is the actors for spn


I love these pics, but men *should* be able to show affection towards friends and family without calling their sexuality into question.

every episode. every time it hurts. // first, because of dean being sent to hell. second, john fucking winchester. THIRD: I will NEVER forgive what happened to Gabriel ;

No, season 11 required a spell from the book of the damned and only a powerful witch could cast it, even then Lucifer was only summoned, his cage wasn't opened and he was trapped in a certain area

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