Bornova / Dazkırı / Ege Üniversitesi , biraz kahve biraz sigara kesinlikle bir müzik pencere kenarı kimono kedi birazda sakinlik olursa bu hikayeyi birleştirebilirim.
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Mens Cool Animal Fox Rib Cage Side Tribal Tattoo Ideas

The side tattoos for men are more defining than any other, and when drawn one cannot miss noticing the striking beauty of the rib tattoos. As the name suggests, they are inked on the rib…

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Leonardo's notebooks

A Rare Glimpse of Leonardo da Vinci’s Anatomical Drawings - Three studies, one on a larger scale, of a man's right arm and shoulder, showing muscles; three studies of a right arm; a diagram to illustrate pronation and supination of the hand.