wood engraving. Anne Hayward

Original wood engraving by Anne Hayward. Anne Hayward is a Hampshire artist and a member of the Society of Wood Engravers.

Miriam Macgregor. Thorn in August. (wood engraving)

Miriam Macgregor, British, contemporary - Thorn in August, wood engraving

Michael Goro etching

Perfect combination of suffocating architecture and enticing rabbit hole! Gothic style is good too -- Familiar Place by Michael Goro - etching/engraving

Positive Negative Space Study - RISD Pre-College on Behance

Positive Negative Space Study - RISD Pre-CollegeMaterials: graphite, fine line marker, inkStudents visit the Nature Lab, or any outdoor natural area to observe a collection of plants. these plants are gathered together to create a composition and then…

Şehzadebaşı, İstanbul, 1958 Ara Güler.

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Istanbul’s Hidden Street | A Taste of Travel

Istanbul's Hidden Street