Mykonos/ Greece

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos island, Greece -- I won't get enough of this beautiful place!

Lovely Turkish Ceramics.

Turkish Ceramics

These Turkish ceramic bowls have beautiful colors and textures. They are just lovely!

Saklıkent,Fethiye (Turkey)

Saklıkent,Fethiye, Turkey Turkey attractions, Itineraries and more- only on…


1995 - Natural phenomenom in Turkey. Pammukale is a gorgeous natural tourist attraction in Turkey. It's a bunch of ever-changing cascading pools formed by hot springs, which trickle down and re-deposit the limestone-based travertines.

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My lovely and beautiful country Turkey,Fethiye Ölü Deniz (the dead sea)

Seagulls at the Bosphorus , Turkey

Seagulls at the Bosphorus , Turkey - I think this is a fabulous picture