W actually love Love Actually

My favorite part of this movie. Andrew Lincoln & one of the best, and most romantic, clips of a movie ever - Love Actually I love this film!

Mr Selfridge's Agnes and Henri Leclair.

Mr Selfridge's Agnes and Henri Leclair.*sighh* via Wayfaring Girl On A Mission

“I’d like a cheeseburger, large fries, and a Cosmopolitan.” – Carrie Bradshaw // #SJP #Fashion #Style

16 Style Lessons Learned From 'Sex And The City'


A doodle of Esmeralda from my favorite scene in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Referenced this clip: [link] (watch it, it's great! God help the outcasts

Miss Towler and Henri; Mr Selfridge

Grégory Fitoussi and Aisling Loftus ~ Henri Leclair and Agnes Towler


Beautiful (and yummy) Vday cookies-no recipe. Just make pink cookies and use either frosting or whipped cream and strawberries/raspberries. Maybe substitute cookies with pink pancakes.

Les premières images des bijoux Cartier dans le film Grace de Monaco http://www.vogue.fr/joaillerie/red-carpet/diaporama/les-premieres-images-des-bijoux-cartier-dans-le-film-grace-de-monaco-olivier-dahan-nicole-kidman/18087/image/989552

Les premières images des bijoux Cartier dans le film Grace de Monaco

Grace Kelly filme pelicula Grace of Monaco Nicole Kidman joyas Cartier

Mr Selfridge season 3: What's going to happen to Harry Selfridge and the cast?

Mr Selfridge: What's in store for series three?

Selfridge’s Season 2 Finale: Shockers and Sensitive Surprises from Berk For Parade