Minimal Cane Work Stitch Chart

Minimal Cane Work Stitch Chart from Wonderful Needlework. Would be a great pillow or blanket pattern.

LOVE perler bead pattern - Doces Pontos

This would make a lovely pillow case! Or even a throw for a sofa if made as a crochet graphgan!

Old Wallpaper Perler Bead Pattern | Bead Sprites | Simple Fuse Bead Patterns

Old Wallpaper Pattern / Bead Sprite / Alpha friendship bracelet pattern, cross stitch chart, Perler bead pattern, loom bead pattern, craft pattern

The Varying Triangles Pattern - Tapestry Crochet Pattern. Find this pattern free at

Here’s a clean, modern tapestry crochet pattern for you all! The Varying Triangles tapestry crochet pattern. With only two colors and simple shapes, this pattern is great for beginners, or fo…