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Adorable Flower Square Bedspread, Modern take on the Granny Square with a Crochet Diagram for the Squares included.

Bee Stitch = The Bee Stitch is a multiple of 2 stitches plus 1 over 4 rows. It is made by “knitting 1 below (K1b)” and you need to have an odd number of stitches. Row 1: Knit Row 2: (Right Side): *(K1, K1b); Repeat from * across to last stitch K1. Row 3: Knit Row 4: *(K1b, K1); repeat from * across to last stitch, K1b.

Knitting Stitches--The Bee Stitch and Knitting 1 Below - this is a nicely textured stitch with a waffle texture. Variant of Garter Stitch, so it's easy to make. Makes textured dishcloths.

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Короткий жакет крючком [ "Short jacket with pattern", "I like the stitch pattern more than the jacket, I think.", "womens cardigans in Diverse Women

**ВЯЗАНИЕ СПИЦАМИ | Записи в рубрике **ВЯЗАНИЕ СПИЦАМИ | Всё…


**ВЯЗАНИЕ СПИЦАМИ | Записи в рубрике **ВЯЗАНИЕ СПИЦАМИ | Всё…


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Hot to make the fun and decorative sailor bobble pattern! Tutorial by DROPS Design.

DROPS Knitting Tutorial: How to make a sailor bobble pattern. This is what we did on our chunky sample of 21 sts.

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Charted cable and lace knitting pattern from a Russian site, but it looks fairly straightforward, and is very pretty