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an olive grove with trees and bushes in the foreground
Rudd Oakville Estate - Gallery - Garden Design
Oliveiras em um jardim de texturas e folhagens interessantes. Em uma vinícola do Vale Napa, estado da Califórnia, USA. Paisagismo: Thomas Hobbs. Fotografia: Shaun Sullivan.
a black and white photo of an avenue of trees in the middle of a forest
Silence speaks
an empty road surrounded by trees with red leaves
Que bela viagem é possível fazer nesta estrada, assim, toda colorida de vermelho, durante o outono.
the sun shines brightly through the trees in this colorful forest filled with red and yellow leaves
Color Me Impressed
Autumn forest near the Belintash Rock landmark in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria • Evgeni Dinev Photography
an old tree in the middle of a field
Kaastamonu, Turkey (-200 y)
a group of people standing next to a large tree
amazing trees
The oldest baobab tree on Impalila Island in Nambia
a tree with yellow flowers is in the grass
Trees, too - Dusky's Wonders
Ipe, Brazil
a tree with red flowers in front of a house
Trees, too - Dusky's Wonders
The flamboyant tree, Madagascar. By Salete T Silva
several people are standing in front of the giant trees
Trees, too - Dusky's Wonders
California's Sequoia national park.
a forest filled with lots of purple flowers
Fuck Yeah Purple Things
fireflies are glowing in the forest at night
Firefly Dance
lejos del mundanal ruido...
a large blue tree in the middle of a garden next to a wooden fence and green grass
Ceanothus - spring flowering evergreen, grown as a tree - Picmia
a large tree with pink flowers in the middle of a lush green park filled with people
Rhododendron. A bush big enough to be a tree. Amazing and beautiful.
the tree is covered in purple flowers
Purple willow tree
yellow and red leaves are in the foreground
20 Japanese Maples You'll Definitely Want to Plant in Your Yard
Autumn Moon Japanese Maple. 25 feet tall and wide.