Arab Calligraphy

Rumi, Calligraphy is an ancient art of handwriting for which people took much pride in creating. This specific picture of a dancing man in traditional middle eastern garment consists of arab calligraphy.

Islamic Calligraphy.

Islamic Art and Quotes - Allah Calligraphy Originally found on: swinsea OUR.

Arabic Calligraphy Art!

'Bismillah al rahman al rahim' In The Name of God, The Beneficient, The Merciful. In square Kufic script.

Arabic Calligraphy

beautiful watercolour - the black says "In the Name of God", or biss-mil-LAH and the artwork looks like the 99 names of God. But it lacks Gods' ACTUAL name, Jehovah.

Arabic Calligraphy ... Peace

“Severed” is a social issues poster depicting the possibility of peace in the Middle East. The universal symbol for peace is constructed of Arabic characters leading down to the severed hand, peace. - By Zac Neulieb

Art Print Arabic Contemporary calligraphy- Mohammad Rassoul Allah- Arabic modern calligraphy.

Art Print Arabic Contemporary calligraphy 'Mohammad Rassoul Allah' translates: "Mohammad prophet of Allah" - by Kalimate