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I love this so much. Rowling has brought the wizarding world back and we get to see how it ties in with HP and it's just amazing

Omg! This is amazing! Yes girl power! Lol!

The truth in this though( and that's a boy holding the sign, bless that kid.

Fantastic Beasts - art by http://rdjlock.tumblr.com/

Queenie is the 'mrs. potts', 88 years old, sews and still reads minds. she had a muggle husband, she cooks and loves the british tradition of making tea.

NEWT SCAMANDER I saw the movie and is amazing. I... - Ra.Ro81

NEWT SCAMANDERI saw the movie and is amazing. I love everything, the story is super, and Eddie Redmayne is a really good actor, i love his character in the movie.

Hermione Granger by Naineuh

Read Brilliant from the story This year by ElizabethFlh with 90 reads. Fred and I walk through the hallways in silence.

paperwan: “Still forming my opinion on Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, but I can safely say that Queenie is my favorite! ”

Loved Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! I can safely say that Queenie is my favorite!

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