If I Didn't Care: Grown humans know that effort and ability are two different things.

"'I don't think my heart could take saying good-bye again.'" -Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck


Emperor Taiwan Jiao - pie will fly _ illustrator, ancient wind _ graffiti kingdom illustrations

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#12 Inner peace_ Listen to music by 욘욘 on

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frrmsd: “Illustrator & Artist: Leonardo Santamaria “Famous Last Words” Acrylic, Colored Pencil, Gouache, and Graphite on Paper x “ “Made for the Text and Pictures group show at Giant Robot,.

❤ 'Egret Sunset' by Tan Chin Chin ❤

Landscape series 1 - Morning Delight - Egrets, Landscape, Sunlight, Forest ▼Archival reproduction of original watercolor painting by Master

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小油画 Little Oil //// Taiwan Taipei//// illustrator/designer/Director/ //All work is mine//.