Length of velvet, Turkish, Ottoman, first half of the century. Cut and voided silk velvet brocaded with gilt-metal wrapped thread. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Turkish brocade caftan

Caftan of Sultan Bayezid III. Turkish brocade on silk, caftan of Sultan Bayezid III Rose Turkish

Ottoman Young man's caftan with short sleeves (back) associated with Ahmet I. Red silk decorated with floral pattern, late century.

Орнамент и стиль в ДПИ - Silks for the Sultans - текстиль из музея Топкапы, Стамбул

Silks for the Sultans - Textile Museum of Topkapi, Istanbul - Ornament and style DPI

Ottoman Palace Attire, Childhood Caftan Of Ahmet I

, Sultan Ahmet I (b. 1590 – d. Pattern of undulating vines with large saz leaves.

Kaftan - mid The back of this now-fragmentary silk robe, or kaftan, features a design of large gold palmettes and curving serrated saz leaves on a white ground.