The Bedesten of Kayseri

Istanbul, Turkey - The Bedesten of Kayseri, the old covered market of the city, where you can find some beautiful Anatolian carpets.

Şerafettin Camii / Konya, Türkiye

Şerafettin Camii / Konya, Türkiye -- came so close to getting to Konya, but we ran out of time. Dying to see the dervishes!

Taksim - İstiklal Street- İstanbul Türkiye  not for agrophobics!

Taksim - İstiklal Street- İstanbul Türkiye I've been there.


Çamlıhemşin in the Rize region of the Black sea coast in Northeast Turkey

Post Office, Old Caravanserai, Mardin, Turkey

It is a Post Office now. In the old days of silk road, it's a Caravanserai, Mardin, Turkey