The Graduates 2020

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Meet some of the most exciting creative talent graduating this year.

The Graduates

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A series of long-form articles advising (and encouraging) the new wave of graduates at this daunting time, from portfolio tips to how to handle your first job interview.
Use these free stickers to show your support for a fairer education.
Eight free stickers to download and use to show your support for a fairer education.

Graduate Advice

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a pink background with black and white lettering that says the great bakes, 1932
Introducing The Graduates 2020!
Meet some of the most exciting creative talent graduating this year.
a cartoon character sitting on top of a grass covered field with the words meeting song
Meiting Song defies categorisation with her all-encompassing portfolio
an advertisement for the graduate's 2020 graduation program, featuring two cartoon characters with shopping bags in their hands
Welcome to the brilliantly daft world of illustration graduate, Sa6ettu
Family Unit, Cocktail Mix, Family Units, My Images, The Family, Long Sleeve Blouse, Portfolio, The Unit, Photographer
Gloria Wong’s photography explores identity, the family unit and Canada’s Asian diasporas
a green sign that says god loves queens on the front and back of it with black lettering
The Graduates: Okocha Obasi
a black and white photo of a statue with the words, kirsten bosmo the graduates 2020
How can photography unveil invisible systems of power in society? Kirsten Bosma explores
an animated image of a woman with her head in the air and texting, inger bierna the graduates 2020
Animator Inger Bierma on finding a sense of freedom through her graduate film, Blanket
an orange object floating in the air over rocks
The Graduates: Louise Silfversparre
the cover of news magazine nextus featuring a white cloth draped over its head and text that reads, what happy the graduates are after life?
Willie Shaw brings function and beauty in equal measure to his graphic design practice
three cartoon characters are standing in front of a red brick wall and one is looking out the window
The Graduates: Doug Alberts