Modelos Lamborghini Mattel

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four hot wheels cars in a display case on a blue surface with the words hw speed graphics
a toy car with a lamb logo on the front and side of it's package
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six different model cars in the package on a white sheeted tablecloth, one is red and one is yellow
a white toy car with gold rims on it's wheels and the lamb logo
a black lamb car with gold accents on it's front and back sides, in the packaging
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a hot wheels die cast car is shown
a red hot wheels car on a table
a hot wheels car is shown in the package for $ 10, 995 00
the hot wheels car is black and green
hot wheels cars are displayed on display in a plastic container, with other toy vehicles behind them
a person holding a hot wheels car in their hand
a yellow toy car is on display in a package for the movie, top gear hall of fame