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"You really are a baddass, aren't you?" Clary ask fondly and Isabelle twirls the sword in her hand as if to prove her point. She half-expects her to drop it but Izzy doesn't. Clary sighs, "I love you, Izzy.

“Kathy Switzer,Boston Maratonunda koşan ilk kadın ve ona engel olmak isteyen görevli,1967...”

Kathy Switzer, première femme enregistrée à courir le Boston Marathon in A race official actually tried to grab her and yank her out of the race, but her friends helped her. Les femmes y furent officiellement admises en

Turn your feelings.ON A lot of people say I don't want to catch feelings. So they try to shut off their emotions. But I feel like life is about feeling, experiencing the good and the bad. It's good to feel, feeling makes us human!