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an abstract painting with blue and black squares on white paper, framed in a white frame
Victor Vasarely | 10 works: les Années Cinquante (1989) | MutualArt
an abstract blue and black pattern with circles
Victor Vasarely (1906-1997) - Uppsala Auktionskammare Fokus - Uppsala Auktionskammare
three blue circles on a blue background
Victor Vasarely | Untitled | MutualArt
an abstract black and white painting with circles, squares, and rectangles on grey paper
Home - William Weston Gallery
an abstract painting with squares and rectangles in grey, brown, black and white
Victor Vasarely -
an abstract painting with lines and shapes
an abstract painting is shown on the wall
an abstract painting with multicolored lines on the bottom and yellow, pink, blue, and green stripes
a painting hanging on the wall in a room
Michael Kidner - Works
a yellow and white striped wallpaper with vertical lines on the bottom half of it
Michael Kidner RA
an abstract painting with multicolored lines in the middle and pink, green, blue, and purple
Michael Kidner | 65 Artworks | MutualArt
an abstract painting with different colored circles on the bottom and one circle in the middle • A Digital Museum
an image of a circle made out of thin lines on a white background with orange and blue colors
a white sculpture is shown in the shape of a circle with geometric shapes on it
Louise Nevelson Fondazione Roma Museo Palazzo Sciarra Roma
a sculpture made out of clay on the side of a white wall with a hole in it
Anchor Ceramics: Beauty, Simplicity and Sustainability from Melbourne | Yatzer