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various wedding stationery items laid out on top of each other
Super Colorful Wedding Paper Goods
Some love has to be represented by bold colors because they are so intense and fearless. Love this super mini backyard wedding!📷Photos: @marycostaphoto
a close up of a paper plate with writing on it
Oval Shape Wedding Invitation Suite
Love these oval shape wedding invitation suites from @leslieandpaper. What a nice and elegant change from the common designs.🎨
several pieces of paper and a spoon on a table
Soft and Modern Oat Color Wedding Vows Cards
Really like these soft and modern oat color wedding Papergoods from @papiradesign . Please pay attention to the details and texture, you will be amazed by how beutiful they are.🤩
the wedding stationery is laid out on top of each other, with floral designs
Fine Art Style Flower Detailed Wedding Invitation
Fell in love with the flower details of these @plumecalligraphy wedding invitations. Wish I can touch them with my fingers and feel the soft petals.🌸