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three brown bowls filled with green plants sitting on top of a stone floor next to each other
Wow, look at all these healthy green sedums! Now to multiply these by propagating & replanting!💚🌿 . 📸 @momluvssucculents
a glass cup filled with green plants on top of a wooden table
By-Mohammed Elhachimi- This is an asparagus fern. Looks like a tiny rain forest!!!💚💚💚
some plants are hanging from the ceiling in front of an open air building with stairs
50 Astonishing Plants That Seem Straight Out Of Science Fiction
three small potted plants sitting on top of a cardboard box
How To Care For Variegated String Of Hearts |
a person holding up a potted plant with pink and green leaves on it in front of a window
string of hearts variegated
Sondiko LED Grow Light, Full Spectrum Plant Lights for Indoor Plants with Auto On Off 3/9/12H Tim... #plants #amazon #indoorgardening #aesthetic #home
pink flowers are hanging from the side of an old wooden building in front of a potted plant
La "Ceropegia Woodii" es una planta semi suculenta, con unas hojas en forma de corazón que podemos encontrar en distintos tonos verdes y rosados. También la llaman Enredadera rosario o Rosario de corazones.
flowers that bloom in november and october are featured with the words, flowers that bloom in september and october
Flowers That Bloom In September And October
As summer's warmth gives way to autumn's chill, the garden is treated to a second blooming season of vibrant flowers that thrive in September and October. Rich, earthy hues like burgundy, orange, and yellow dance among the leaves, creating a stunning tapestry of texture and tone. Get inspired by these gorgeous flowers that bloom in September and October and bring their beauty into your home decor and autumnal arrangements!
Grow orchids from cuttings and reuse styrofoam!
Styrofoam cannot be recycled, nor can single-use plastics. Here is a way to reuse them before they get thrown away! Orchids can be sold for a lot if properly taken care of. (I wish I could credit the sorce but I don’t know where this came from.)