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a painting with the words what you do makes a difference in front of an abstract background
Make A Difference Jane Goodall Quote Print of Art 8x8 Matted for 12x12 - Etsy
"\"You cannot get through a singe day without having an impact on the world around us. Everything you do makes a difference. You just have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.\" -Jane Goodall This quote reminds me that even on days when I feel like I am not making a difference, even a small amount of kindness or compassion can make an impact I'll never know about. We are all connected & we are all fighting our own battles. Be kind. Make a difference. Jane's Girl Creations digital
a poster with the words roll a monster and two dices on it's side
Roll a Monster Game Free Printable
Indoor games for kids during lockdown indoor games list for children indoor games list with images
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a blue and white sign with the words silly drawing games for kids written in black
15 Silly Drawing Games for Kids
thank you for being a generous soul and a beautiful spirit in a world that could use a million more people just like you
Natural Life Wallpapers
Natural Life Wallpapers
Happy Monday
a poem written on a piece of paper with flowers around it and the words,'and one day she discovered that she was fierce, and she was fierce, and full of fire, and full of fire, and
Natural Life Art | Natural Life Wall Hanging | Color: Cream | Size: Os
New/Never Used; Really Pretty! Feels Like A Cotton/Linen Blend
an old - fashioned poster with the words back in 1908 and other things on it
LiliWair Happy 55th Birthday Decorations, 55th Year Old Card, 55th Party Decorations, 55 Year Old Gifts, 55th Birthday Party Decorations, 55th Birthday Decorations,55 Party Supplies,1968 Gifts
PRICES MAY VARY. ✅ Our LiliWair 1968 poster is a thoughtful and meaningful 55th birthday gift, showcasing the significant events, culture, and milestones of 1968 in a fun and engaging way. ✅ Whether you're looking for a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion gift, this LiliWair 1968 poster is a unique and thoughtful choice that's sure to delight them and stand out from other 55 birthday gifts. ✅ Measuring 8 by 10 inches, our poster is designed to fit seamlessly into any room or decor style.