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a green certificate with a smiling earth in it's hands and hearts around it
Diplome pentru Ziua Pământului. Cinci modele, A4, color
Diplome pentru Ziua Pământului. Cinci modele, A4, color, ce pot fi folosite pentru aprecierea implicării și participării elevilor la activități
an image of two different pictures with the words spot 5 differences
Find differences game. Ecological black and white educational activity with hands holding cute planet with flowers. Earth day line puzzle for kids. Eco awareness or zero waste printable coloring page
the earth with hearts on it coloring page
someone is holding up a paper cut out of an angel
Earth Day Lapbook Science Activities All About the Earth
Interactive Earth Day Science Activities Lapbook for first grade and second grade. Ten activities paired with books and videos make earth day and learning about the earth easy and fun. Craft keepsake earth day interactive book holds ten different activities sort and recycle, all about earth, earth's resources, earth is a home for, helps the earth, hurts the earth, earth vs other planets and more.
a piece of paper with an image of the earth surrounded by leaves and other things
World Environment Day poster
an eye with grass growing out of it and the words save our planet written in black
11,230 Save Our Planet Images, Stock Photos, 3D objects, & Vectors | Shutterstock
a drawing of two children standing next to a sign that reads kratka price planete zemlje
Kratka priča planete Zemlje
the earth is made out of paper and then cut into smaller pieces to make it look like
Earth Day Activity for Kids
earth day craft for kids. Fun classroom art activity.
a piece of paper cut into the shape of a recycle
Mosaic Paper Recycling Craft
Mosaic Paper Recycling Craft
a trash can with paper in it
a cartoon green recycling symbol with eyes and hands stock photo - image 349784
an open box with various items inside it and the words,'kind of things that are
Föld Napja
an outline drawing of a person throwing garbage into a trash can with the caption
a hand with words written on it and an image of a solar panel in the middle
a yellow computer keyboard with a recyclic symbol on it
four different types of electronic devices are shown in green and white letters, with the words on
a black and white cartoon trash can character holding a sign with a recycle
an earth day writing craft for kids with the words earth day written on it and a boy holding a globe
Earth Day in the Primary Classroom
Earth Day in the Primary Classroom. Teaching kiddos about Earth Day in the primary classroom will certainly benefit the students and you! The perfect thing about Earth Day is that you can incorporate all subjects into your teaching. Art, science, reading, math, and social studies can all be covered with this holiday. Learn more about my favorite Earth Day Classroom activities here
the back and side of a bookmark with instructions on how to use it
Finest Folia 6er Set Mülltrennung Aufkleber Kratz- und Wetterfest (R032) 6er Set Eckig Spitze Oben H:300mm B:110mm