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a piece of wood that has been cut in half and is sitting on the ground
a heart shaped pine cone sitting in the grass
there is a cup of coffee that has been made to look like a heart
hot chocolate love
grapes in a white bowl with hearts shaped on the top and bottom, ready to be eaten
heart shaped grapes 🍇
a road with the words written on it and trees in the backgroung
a heart shaped hole in the bark of a tree with a plant growing out of it
In pictures: The week in wildlife
Week in Wildlife: Tree with heart-shape knothole
a cluster of mushrooms growing out of the ground
an open book in the shape of a heart with writing on it's pages
15th Century BOOK OF HOURS - Heart-Shaped When Opened
two windows with shutters are on the side of a building that has been painted pink and blue
house heart
an old olive tree in the middle of a field with sun shining on it's branches
Rooted in love
a large rock sticking out of the water
49 Heart Shaped Things That Raise a Smile ...
an image of playing cards painted on the side of a building with columns and pillars