Cafe creme

*My Favourite Coffee is an Espresso Macchiato" ~ The term “macchiato” means to “mark” or “stained” in Italian. An espresso shot is “marked” with a little steamed milk on top to cut the acidity of the espresso.

Cafe au chocolat

S’mores Pudding Shots: INGREDIENTS: 1 ounce) package instant chocolate pudding mix cup milk cup Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka 8 ounces extra Cool Whip cup graham cracker crumbs cup Marshmallow Fluff 1 Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar

Cafe Noel

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Espresso machine // coffee in a gold cup and saucer // my favorite things

Cafe & Lecture

This is what I imagine in heaven for me- a good book, fresh bread, tea, coziness. This is heaven.

Cafe croissant

Take a minute to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Enjoy a great cuppa cofee at Country Inn By Carlson, Saket.

Les cafes

Looking for Designs?Here are 41 Absolutely Beautiful Coffee Latte Art Designs(So Good you Won’t Drink your Cup) that you can Easily Make and Create.


My friend, Holly, taught me how to make these luscious date cookies called, "ma'amoul" . so yummy. Too bad I could never get the coffee quite right ;