Безумной красоты кружева фото on this pin, scroll down, there are a ton of excellent ideas to look at. Simply amazing what these people can do!

Вязание. Розы из шнурка (ирландское кружево) Мастер-класс.

Ирландское кружево

Point Lace Romanian Style Crochet Doily Tan Floral by ValeriasShop

This exquisite lace is handmade by Ethel from cotton cord and is a veritable work of art made with love and artistic skill. The unique pattern

Элемент ирландского кружева. Гребешок на шнурке “гусеничка”


Элемент ирландского кружева. Гребешок на шнурке “гусеничка”

Russian Lace - Lada4 - Álbumes web de Picasa

Russian Lace - - Álbumes web de "liberated" a lot of lace books here and many are quite rare too!

Romanian Point Lace Crochet video

This is a video describing how to make the round filling stitches in Romanian point lace can also be used in battenberg. Because it has so many differnt type.

Кожа и крючок..

Ирландское кружево.