Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey tramway Ozer Kurt -- Not only does this site have historical significance, but also has great shopping! If you like Mavi, there are 3 along the main shopping road!

the old trolley cars that still run today

İstanbul is a must-see city in Turkey, and it is full of places to visit and things to do both day and night. İstanbul is a hot place and we are not only talking about weather. İstanbul is a city that never sleeps and it’s always full of energy.

The trolley

The Seashore Trolley Museum's New Orleans 966 operating in Lowell on June 2003 along with Gomaco replica

trolley crush

Eletricos de Lisboa Practical mean of transport in the very steep center of Lisbon. Only 5 lines and 40 streetcars remain from the former network. This is what you will see in Lisbon.